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Summer Camp & Uniform/Gear Orders

posted May 1, 2011, 8:20 PM by Sherrie Hines
Two important announcements for tonight.  First, Summer Camp is coming up on June 4th (which also happens to be my birthday)!  We'll be going to Lakepoint State Park Resort on Lake Eufaula in Alabama.  There will be a black belt test on June 3rd, so I will be leaving from Athens as soon as I can get out of work to go down and help participate with the black belt testing.  We will then stay the night and have Summer Camp for most of the day Saturday the 4th, and then most likely we'll return Saturday night, but we have the option to stay through until Sunday if we'd like.  This is a wonderful annual Yoshukai event, and a great opportunity to meet other students at your rank as well as many of the stellar black belt instructors that attend each year.  Part of the day is spent in rank-appropriate training, and the remainder of the day is spent doing activities of your choice.  These activities can include self-defense, point-sparring, full-contact fighting, tai-chi, grappling, musical kata, kickboxing, etc.  We won't know until we get there, but it's always a fun time!

I do not have exact prices on hand, but Summer Camp itself is usually $50-60 and then we'll split hotel fees depending on who goes.  The hotel itself is $84.60 a night, so obviously, the more who attend the cheaper it will be for us all.  Lunch is included in the registration fee, but all other means will be on your own.

If you are interested in attending let me know ASAP!

Second, I will be sending in an order to Tiger Claw for uniforms and any gear that individuals might want.  I will have a pricing guide and size chart for the sparring gear and the uniforms this upcoming week so that students who would like to can place an order in my next shipment (so that we can split shipping).  Students are also welcome to order sparring gear (head gear, gloves, shin guards, mouth pieces, etc.) if they would like to.  Please just let me know as soon as possible if you would like to be included in this next order.


Sensei Hines