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Officer Profiles

Head Instructor - Sensei Sherrie Hines

Sensei Hines has been studying Yoshukai karate since May 2006 under Sensei Hofmeister, and she achieved her 1st degree black belt in the summer of 2009.  She received her 2nd degree black belt in the spring of 2012, and her 3rd degree in the summer of 2019.  Sensei Hines began with absolutely no experience in martial arts but has grown to deeply love both the physical and mental challenges involved in the study of Yoshukai Karate. She has also trained under Sensei Blumreich and Sensei Hofmeister in Kyuki-do and Judo (particularly grappling) outside of her regular Yoshukai training.  Sensei Hines served as Head Assistant Instructor under Sensei Hofmeister for approximately four years, and she is very excited to be teaching as the Head Instructor of Clarke County Yoshukai Karate, which opened its doors on March 28, 2011. Sensei Hines is also one of the co-organizers of the World Yoshukai Karate Kobudo Organization's annual Winter and Summer Camps. 

While teaching has always been a primary focus of her training under Sensei Hofmeister, she also enjoys fighting and attending tournaments and has competed successfully for years in kata, weapons, self-defense, and sparring competitions.  Sensei Hines ultimately feels that the true value of studying Yoshukai is in coming to understand who you are and what you are truly capable of, in learning to push past what you thought you could (or could not) do, and gaining a confidence in yourself and your abilities that will carry throughout everything else you do. 

Sensei Hines is a local attorney working at the Athens-Clarke County Attorney's Office. Previously, she was a public defender in Athens for over six years. She also enjoys participating in various other sports and activities including ultimate frisbee. She also actively volunteers as the Board Secretary of the Friends of Bear Hollow, Inc., as a volunteer at ACC Animal Services and with Athenspets, and as the Board President of the Madison-Oglethorpe Animal Shelter. Sensei Hines and her husband, Sensei Connor Magill, live in Colbert with their dog and two cats (all rescues). 

Senior & Assistant Instructors:

Senior Instructor Sensei Connor Magill:
Sensei Magill was one of Sensei Hines' first students at Clarke County Yoshukai and he earned his 1st Degree Black Belt in the summer of 2014 followed by his 2nd Degree Black Belt in the summer of 2017. He regularly assists her and the other instructors in teaching class. Sensei Magill is also a local attorney and works at the Northern Circuit Public Defender Office. 

Senior Instructor Sensei Brandon Smith:
Sensei Smith received his 1st Degree Black Belt in the spring of 2017. He has been training for many years with Sensei Hines and cross-trains in Kyuki-Do and Hapkido with Sensei Ken Blumreich at AKF Athens, as well as Jiu-Jitsu at Iron Wolf Academy in Braselton. Sensei Smith has worked diligently to become an excellent martial artist as well as an excellent instructor. When he is not training, he works as a real estate agent with Realty South

Assistant Instructor: Jason Stair
Mr. Stair is a lifelong learner of Martial Arts & Self Defense. In addition to previous experience in other karate styles, he began pursuing rank in Yoshukai Karate in the fall of 2012. Having recently tested for 1st Degree Black Belt, Mr. Stair is excited about sharing his experience with students of Clarke County Yoshukai. Outside of the gym, Mr. Stair is a Computer Systems Administrator at the University of Georgia, a First Lieutenant in the US Air Force Auxiliary, and a volunteer with F.R.E.E IT Athens, the UGA MRC, C.E.R.T., SKYWARN, and the Athens Amateur Radio Club.

Junior Assistant Instructor: Matt Fowler

Visiting Instructors:
From time to time other instructors will visit our dojo, particularly when Sensei Hines is unable to attend.  These instructors may include Sensei Hines' instructor Sensei Erik Hofmeister, Sensei Ken Blumreich, Sensei Hali Serrian and other high ranking students who study with Sensei Serrian at Athens Yoshukai Karate.  Please always treat these instructors with the utmost respect and make them feel welcome in our dojo. All students should face front and bow when any martial artist who is brown belt or higher arrives in class.