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Student Profiles

The following is a list of all present Clarke County Yoshukai visiting instructors and students ranked at 
yellow-stripe belt 
and above along with their ranks, and positions.
Sherrie Hines
Shihan Erik Hofmeister
Ken Blumreich
Hali Serrian
Connor Magill
Brandon Smith
Jason Stair
Charles Townsend
Matthew Fowler
Dyson Christian
Marcus Herring
Emily Starnes
Ryan Frith

Nidan (2nd Degree)
Godan (5th Degree)
Nidan (2nd Degree)
Nidan (2nd Degree)
Nidan (2nd Degree)
1st Kyu Brown Belt
3rd Kyu Green Belt
5th Kyu Blue Belt
6th Kyu Blue Belt
8th Kyu Yellow Belt
10th Kyu Yellow Stripe
10th Kyu Yellow Stripe

Head Instructor
Instructor Emeritus (Athens Yoshukai) 
Head Instructor (AKF Athens)
Head Instructor (Athens Yoshukai)

Head Assistant Instructor