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Below is a list of terminology that each student is required to learn.  Each piece of terminology is preceded by a number in parenthesis.  That number indicates the kyu (or rank) at which a student must be able to verbally recognize the technique.  For example, the very first piece of terminology looks like this: "(8th) Five precepts of Yoshukai karate."  This means that in order for a student to test for 8th Kyu (their first test) they must be able to recite the five precepts of Yoshukai karate.  The terminology portion of tests increases in difficulty with each rank.  Written tests begin at 6th kyu (when a student tests for their 1st degree blue belt).  Students are not expected to have perfect spelling of the Japanese terminology, but should at least be able to spell the techniques phonetically.  Students must score at least 85% on their written exams in order to pass and achieve their next rank.  This does require study outside of class.  Sensei Hines will help with pronunciation; please do not hesitate to ask her if you have any questions about the terminology below.

Five Precepts of Yoshukai Karate:
Respect and Manners - Reigi o omonzubeshi
Be Prudent in Action - Taido o imashimubeshi
Be Prudent in Speech - Gengo o tsutsushimubeshi
Keep High Spirited - Iki o sakan ni subeshi
Keep Yourself Clean - Seiketsu o mune to subeshi

Yoshukai Terms:
(8th) Five precepts of Yoshukai Karate in English
(8th) Yoshukai - Strive for Excellence
(8th) Japanese Headquarters - Kitakyushu City, Japan
(8th) US Headquarters - Dothan, Alabama
(8th) World Director: Kaicho Katsuoh Yamamoto (Judan - 10th degree), deceased 2017
(8th) US Directors: Master Hiroaki Toyama (Hachidan), Master Mike Culbreth (Hachidan)
(6th) Year Yoshukai was Founded: 1963
(6th) Year Yoshukai was brought to the US: 1967
(6th) Year WYKKO was founded: 2000
(6th) Highest ranked US instructor: Master Toyama (Hachidan - 8th degree)
(6th) West Coast Director: Fuku Kaicho Gerry Blanck (Hachidan - 8th degree).  Also, Sensei Hofmeister's Instructor.
(6th) Yoshukai Byword: Patience - Nin
(5th) Five precepts of Yoshukai Karate in Japanese
(4th) Patch - Yata no Kagami (truth, goodness, beauty)
(4th) Yoshukai - Association of Continued Improvement
(3rd) Yoshukai Motto - Make efforts and you will achieve - Rikki Hitatsu
(2nd) Yoshukan - Precursor to Yoshukai, "Training Hall of Continued Improvement"
Forms (kata):
(8th) Twenty-Seven Movements - Nijushichi No Kata
(8th) First Basic Form - Kihon Kata Shodan
(7th) Second Basic Form - Kihon Kata Nidan
(7th) Third Basic Form - Kihon Kata Sandan
(6th) Fourth Basic Form - Kihon Kata Yondan
(6th) Advancing and Retreating - Zenshin Kotai
(5th) Four Ways - Shiho Hai
(5th) Basic Nunchaku Form - Kihon Kata Nunchaku
(4th) Thirteen Hands - Seisan
(4th) First Basic Nunchaku Form - Kihon Kata Shodan Nunchaku
(3rd) First Basic Bo Form - Kihon Kata Shodan Bo
(2nd) Twenty-Four Steps - Niseishi
(2nd) Second Basic Bo Form - Kihon Kata Nidan Bo
(2nd) Advancing and Retreating Sai - Zenshin Kotai Sai
(1st) Vision of the Crane Small - Rohai Sho
(1st) Third Basic Bo Form - Kihon Kata Sandan Bo
(1st) Four Ways Sai - Shiho Hai Sai
(Nidan) Vision of the Crane Large - Rohai Dai
(Nidan) Endless/Infinity - Mugen
(Nidan) Twisting Body Motion - Tenshin
(Nidan) To Breach a Fortress - Bassai
(Nidan) Fighting to the East - Chinto
(Sandan) Monks of Peace - Sochin
(Sandan) Rolling Palms - Tensho
(Yondan) Thirty-Four Hands - San Shi Ryu
(Godan) Tiger Eyes - Ru San
(Godan) Ryu San - Dragon Mountain
(Godan) Un Ryu - Dragon in the Sky
(Godan) Kusanku - Inspired by Kung Shang K'ung

Stances (tachi or dachi):
(7th) Front Stance - Zenkutsudachi
(7th) Defensive Straddle Stance - Boubi Shikodachi
(7th) Offensive Straddle Stance - Kougeki Shikodachi
(6th) Ready Stance - Uchihachiji Dachi
(6th) Attention Stance - Musobidachi
(6th) Forward Stance - Mae Dachi
(6th) Scissor Stance - Hasamidachi
(5th) One Legged Stance - Ippon Ashidachi
(5th) Parallel Stance - Heikodachi
(5th) Immovable Stance - Fudodachi
(4th) Cat Stance - Neko Ashidachi
(4th) Sword (Kneeling) Stance - Iai Dachi
(3rd) Horse Stance - Kibadachi
(3rd) Hourglass Stance - Sanchin Dachi
(3rd) Back Stance - Kokutsudachi

Blocks (uke):
(7th) Upper Block - Jodan Uke
(7th) Inside Center Block - Chuudan Uchi Uke
(7th) Outside Center Block - Chuudan Soto Uke
(7th) Down Block - Gedan Uke
(6th) Knifehand Block - Shuto Uke
(6th) Palm Heel Block - Shotei Uke
(6th) Ridgehand Block - Haito Uke
(5th) Elbow Block - Embi Uke
(5th) Knee Block - Hiza Uke
(4th) (Upper/Lower) Crosshand Block - (Jodan/Gedan) Juji Uke
(4th) Back Hand Block - Haisho Uke
(3rd) Wedge Block - Kakiwake Uke
(1st) Zenshi-no-kamae - Heaven and Earth Posture

Strikes (atemi):
(7th) Fist - Seiken
(7th) Upper Punch - Jodan Zuki
(7th) Center Punch - Chuudan Zuki
(7th) Down Punch - Gedan Zuki
(6th) (Upper/Center/Down) Same Side Punch (Jab) - (Jodan/Chuudan/Gedan) Jun Zuki
(6th) (Upper/Center/Down) Reverse Punch (Cross) - (Jodan/Chuudan/Gedan) Gyako Zuki
(6th) Knife Hand - Shuto
(6th) Backfirst - Uraken
(6th) Palm Strike - Shotei
(6th) Ridge Hand - Haito
(6th) Elbow Strike - Embi
(6th) Knee - Hiza Geri
(6th) Hammer Fist - Tsutsuken
(5th) Back Hand - Haisho
(5th) Bent Wrist - Koken
(5th) Spear Hand - Nukite
(4th) 2 Finger Spear Hand - Nihon Nukite
(4th) Head Strike - Zutsuki
(3rd) Flying Knee - Tobi Hiza Geri
(3rd) Chasing Punch - Oizuki
(2nd) Bear Hand - Kumade

Kicks (geri):
(7th) Front Kick - Mae Geri
(7th) Round Kick - Mawashi Geri
(7th) Side Kick - Yoko Geri
(6th) Jump Front Kick - Nidan Geri
(6th) (Inside/Outside) Crescent Kick - (Uchi/Soto) Ko Geri
(6th) Flying Side Kick - Tobi Yoko Geri
(6th) Forward Spinning Side Kick - Zenpou Yoko Geri
(5th) Hook Kick - Kake Geri
(5th) Shin Kick - Sune Geri
(4th) Axe Kick - Kakato Otoshi
(4th) Back Spinning Side Kick - Ushiro Yoko Geri
(3rd) Spinning Crescent Kick - Ushiro Ko Geri
(3rd) Tornado Kick - Tobi Mawashi Ko Geri
(3rd) (Front/Back) Spinning Hook Kick - (Zenpou/Ushiro) Kake Geri
(3rd) Back Kick - Ushiro Geri
(2nd) Jump Round Kick - Nidan Mawashi Geri
(2nd) Jump Spinning Hook Kick - Tobi Ushiro Kake Geri
(2nd) Jump Spinning Crescent Kick - Tobi Ushiro Ko Geri
(1st) Chasing Kick - Oigeri

Striking Areas:
(5th) Ball of Foot - Koshi
(5th) Instep - Haisoku
(5th) Edge of Heel - Sokuto
(5th) Bottom of Heel - Kakato
(5th) Tail of Nunchaku - Shiri
(5th) Grip of Nunchaku - Nigiri
(5th) Head of Nunchaku - Atama
(5th) Joint of Nunchaku - Tsunagi
(3rd) Center of Bo - Shin
(3rd) Shoulder of Bo - Kata
(3rd) Striking Area of Bo - Monouchi
(3rd) Point of Bo - Yari
(1st) Head of Sai - Tsukagashira
(1st) Grip of Sai - Nigiri
(1st) Nail of Sai - Tsume
(1st) Striking Area of Sai - Monouchi
(1st) Point of Sai - Yari
(1st) Leg - Ashi
(1st) Hand - Te
(Sandan) Head of Tonfa - Atama
(Sandan) Grip of Tonfa - Nigiri
(Sandan) Tail of Tonfa - Shiri

Karate Terms:
(8th) Instructor - Sensei
(8th) Founder - Soke
(8th) Karate School - Dojo
(8th) Karate Uniform - Dogi
(8th) Belt - Obi
(8th) Bow - Rei
(8th) Yell - Kiyai
(8th) Prepare - Yoi
(8th) Fist to Hip - Tsuki
(8th) Finish - Yame
(8th) Attention - Kiyotsuke
(7th) Begin - Hajime
(7th) Relax - Yasume
(7th) Empty Hand (previously known as "Chinese Hand") - Karate 
(6th) Black Belts - Yudansha
(6th) Right - Migi
(6th) Left - Hidari
(5th) Good Morning - Ohayo
(5th) Good Afternoon - Konnichiwa
(5th) Good Evening - Konban Wa
(5th) Thank You - Arigato
(5th) Goodbye - Sayonara
(5th) Yes - Hai
(5th) No - Iie
(5th) Stop - Matte
(5th) Turn - Mawatte
(5th) Close eyes - Mokuso
(5th) Open Eyes - Kaimoku
(5th) Ready - Kumae
(5th) Ready weapons - Kumae-te
(5th) Falling - Ukemi
(4th) Do you understand? - Wakarimasu ka
(4th) I understand - Wakarimasu
(4th) How are you? - O genku desu ka
(4th) I am fine - Genku desu
(4th) Punching Board - Makiwara
(3rd) The way - Michi
(3rd) Kneel down - Seiza
(3rd) Stand up - Kiritsu
(3rd) Line up - Seiretsu
(3rd) Breaking - Tameshiwari
(3rd) Art of catching a sword with your hands - Shinkinshirahidori
(2nd) Full Point - Ippon
(2nd) Half Point - Wazari
(2nd) Judge's Decision - Hantei
(2nd) Change feet - Kaete
(2nd) Technique - Waza
(1st) Karate student - Seito
(1st) Front of dojo - Shomen
(Shodan) Special Black/White Belt - Madara Obi

Yudansha Titles (5th):
Yudansha - Shodan and Nidan (1st & 2nd degree)
Sempai - Sandan (3rd degree)
Shihan-Dai - Yondan (4th degree)
Shihan - Yondan through Shichidan (Typically promoted to Shihan after Yondan before Godan)
Renshi - Rokudan (6th Degree)
Kyoshi - Shichidan (7th Degree)
Fuku Kaicho - Vice President (Gerry Blanck)
Kaicho - President (Master Toyama & Master Culbreth)
Soke - Founder (Master Yamamoto)

Counting in Japanese:
Juu Ichi (11)
Juu Ni... (12)
Ni Juu (20)
Ni Juu Ichi... (21)
San Juu (30)
San Juu Ichi... (31)
Yon Juu (40)
Yon Juu Ichi... (41)
Hiyaku (100)