Annual Athens Martial Arts Tournament

Every year, members of the Athens martial arts community come together to join in friendly, interdisciplinary competition in order to demonstrate our own skills as well as the specialties of our various martial arts styles, while also increasing camaraderie and good will between our schools.  

This tournament is a joint-venture between AKF AthensAthens Yoshukai, Clarke County Yoshukai, the UGA Karate Club and the East Athens Community Center.

While the schedule of events changes from year to year as the organizers work to offer the most exciting and appropriate events for participants, past events have included forms, point sparring, semi-knockdown fighting, grappling, kyuki-do sparring and board breaking.  These tournaments are also a great opportunity for schools to show case their talents through demonstrations.  Past demonstrations have included Kyuki-Do's spectacular falling form, traditional weapons forms, and self-defense routines.

Results of the tournaments can be found shortly after the event through the "results" link at the bottom of each tournament's individual page.

Please join us by attending and competing in the 
Nov. 11, 2017